Monday, April 6
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President of the Syrian People’s Assembly: Terrorism Will Be Buried In Iraq And Syria

Baghdad, The head of the Syrian People's Assembly, Hamouda Yusuf al-Sabbagh said that terrorism will be buried in Iraq and Syria

He said in his speech to the Baghdad Summit of Parliaments of neighboring countries, "The most important in this meeting, we represent people who share common ideas, which are renunciation of violence and interference. These principles are aspired to by all peoples because they achieve an environment enabling people to live what God wants from us.

He added, "The forces of terrorism seek to spread injustice in all countries of the world, and our region has been fighting this thought for thousands of years."

He pointed out that Syria is fought economically and politically, because it seeks to achieve the aspirations of the Palestinian people, ".

He added, "We demand the withdrawal of the occupation from our territories, pointing out that all Security Council resolutions confirm the territorial integrity of Syria, and we affirm our commitment to the Palestinian cause, and we affirm that the Golan is Syria and that the people will only be happy to liberate it."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency