Tuesday, April 7
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An Archaeological Mission From The University of Chicago Begins Exploration At Nippur In Diwaniyah, Southern Iraq

Diwaniyah An archaeological mission from the University of Chicago began an excavation process in the ancient city of Nippur in Diwaniyah province.

"The mission consists of seven people and has started excavations in the city of Nippur Archaeological within the administrative border of Afak in Diwaniyah," Majid al-Manthoor, the mayor of Afak said in a statement to NINA.

"The work of the Archaeological Mission will continue, in cooperation with Diwaniyah Antiquities Department, within three weeks," he said.

In 1889, a mission from the University of Pennsylvania carried out the first excavations at Nippur, resulting in the discovery of manuscripts and paintings of the oldest agricultural calendar in the world, the circular wall, the Nippur temple, Zaqqora, and others.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency