Thursday, April 2
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Rahi calls for determining areas of austerity, not at the expense of underprivileged classes to avoid ‘hunger revolution’

Presiding over Easter Mass in Bkirki this morning, Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, hoped in his sermon that "Easter would bring about the resurrection of our country from its economic, financial and daily living crises, and be a day of peace and stability in the countries of the Middle East, especially in Palestine, Iraq and Syria, and the return of all displaced and refugees to their homelands, to preserve their identity, culture and civilization, and to relieve Lebanon of their economic, development and labor hand burdens."

Addressing the President of the Republic, Rahi reiterated his motto of fighting corruption" and establishing a state of law and institutions", rendering the current presidential mandate as being a transition phase between Lebanon of the past and a more shining and bright future Lebanon for the coming generations.

In this context, Rahi highlighted the need to determine the areas of austerity when implementing strict measures to reduce waste expenditure in the state, so that these measures would not be at the expense of the low-income and underprivileged classes in order to prevent an inevitable 'revolution of hunger' in the country, God forbid!

The critical economic situation and the growing public debts require the political authority to take effective measures instead of throwing responsibilities at one another, Rahi underlined, adding, The first of these measures is to halt all channels of money waste, control spending and debts, end corruption and quotas, and collect taxes and state dues from various sources.

Since the nerve of the state is its economy and finances, we congratulate you and the government on the completion of the electricity plan. After years of waiting which has exhausted the state treasury and the pockets of taxpayers, we hope to implement this plan with the necessary speed and transparency. It is the beginning of the reforms required by the Cedar Conference, Rahi continued, referring to President Michel Aoun.

The Patriarch also stressed that combating corruption should be at the political level, targeting the poor performance of politicians and their negligence in carrying out their duties and responsibilities towards citizens.

He emphasized the need to rebuild the country's internal unity and strengthen loyalty to the homeland before any other loyalty, in addition to achieving a widened administrative decentralization and the enactment of structural laws for the reform of the central state.

Additionally, the Patriarch referred to the justice system, confirming the need to liberate the judiciary body from interferences by any political, partisan or sectarian force, thus rendering it as an independent constitutional authority.

Source: National News Agency