Thursday, April 2
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State Security Presidency issues pursuant statement, disclosing materials used and names of terrorists who took part in Zulfi attack yesterday

Riyadh, Pursuant to yesterday's statement on the terror act which targeted an intelligence center in Al-Zulfi province, the official spokesman of the State Security Presidency (SSP) disclosed today names of the four terrorists who took part and killed in the attack as well as relevant details of the operation, including the materials they were preparing for future operations.

The spokesman said preliminary investigations revealed that the culprits are :

1- Abdullah Homood Mohammed Al-Homood (I.D. No. 1091900215)

2- Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Mansour (I.D. No. 1061290597)

3- Samir Abdulaziz Abdulkareem Al-Madeed (I.D. No. 1186017529)

4- Salman Abdulaziz Abdulkareem Al-Madeed (I.D. No. 1111552699)

They are all Saudi citizens, the statement said, adding that they were using a rest house, located at Al-Rayan district in Al-Zulfi, which was leased in the name of Abdullah Al-Homood, a member of the group.

The statement gave a list of the illegal, dangerous materials and tools found in the place, together comprising a laboratory-like for manufacturing explosives, booby-trapped

devices, liquid chemicals, matchsticks, developed bombs, hand grenades, pipes, pressure pots, mobiles, money, organic fertilizers, Kalashnikov, pistols, white weapon, lab glass pots, plastic bowels, nails, keys, computers and wireless devices.

Source: Saudi Press Agency