Thursday, April 9
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Abadi of Falluja: Unity of the word must continue and our people proved that it is against sectarianism

BAGHDAD Falluja, which has suffered so much from the scourge of terrorism, deserves more support after it returns to life, the head of Al-Nasr coalition, former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, confirmed.

"We are continuing our efforts whether we are in the government or outside. The country needs more work," he said. "The march must be completed and what has been achieved." The unity of the word must continue and our people have proved that it is against sectarianism.

"We need serious work on reconstruction and infrastructure, providing services, returning displaced people and continuing the march after liberation, which is not free, but with sacrifices and blood dear to our hearts.

"We want to ensure that the government is moving in the right direction."

The officials in Falluja expressed their high appreciation for Al-Abadi's visit and what he offered during his tenure as Prime Minister and the liberation of the judiciary and the efforts to restore services and stability to them. The country has witnessed a qualitative leap in renouncing sectarianism and unifying it when it takes responsibility.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency