Sunday, April 5
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NichervanBarzani discussed with US delegation the political and military situation of the region

BAGHDAD The PM Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) NichervanBarzani discussed with William Robock, Deputy US Special Envoy to the Anti-Daesh Coalition and his accompanying delegation, the political and security situation of the Kurdistan region.

"The meeting, which was attended by Steve Vagan, US Consul General in the Kurdistan region and a number of officials in the government of the region, discussed during which the bilateral relations, and the sacrifices of the Kurdistan region and the Peshmerga forces in the face of the Daesh terrorist organization , and continued training of the Peshmerga forces by Coalition forces, especially US forces, and the relations of Erbil - Baghdad and further strengthen relations, especially in the security field to meet the threats of the emergence of terrorism and violence again.

During the meeting they also discussed the efforts to form the government cabin of the Kurdistan region, the political process in Iraq, the current situation in Syria, and the relations of the Kurdistan region with the countries of the region. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency