Thursday, April 9
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Economic terrorism new form of US-Western aggression on Syria

Damascus, Economic terrorism is a new form of the US-Western war waged against the Syrian people, particularly after the failure of the aggression states to achieve their goals through the field war despite of financing and arming terrorist organizations as the economic terrorism started on ground through a stifling siege on the importation of oil derivatives.

Tightening the embargo and punitive measures on the companies and states which deal with Syria was the reason behind the long lines of cars seen around gas stations in Syria.

A scene that was captured by Western media outlets which paid a great attention to the repercussions of the economic siege on the Syrians without analyzing its real reasons, even though they said that it came as a result of the US-Western embargo.

Wall Street Journal tackled the issue on Monday showing that this siege caused a worsening fuel shortage, bringing some major cities to a near standstill and causing some of the war's worst economic circumstances.

The newspaper also talked about the goal behind the siege as it indicated that the Western states hope that this siege will exert pressure on the Syrian Government to obtain concessions which they had failed to achieve through the military war.

The resilience of the Syrian people in the face of the embargo hasn't drawn the attention of the Western media outlets, and maybe they ignored it intentionally as they don't want to write that the Syrians who have been able to remain steadfast in the face of the terrorist war are today able to stand in the face of the economic siege and its repercussions.

In its report, the Wall Street Journal indicated that the unjust Western measures have succeeded in creating a worsening fuel shortage, yet it ignored how the Syrian citizens defied these unjust measures, and it also ignored the initiatives launched by the Syrians in response to the economic siege in this stage as a part of the social solidarity.

The initiatives included distributing flowers, water bottles and books among the drivers who are waiting at the gas stations, and many other youth initiatives.

The US and the European Union declared tightening the unilateral coercive economic measures on Syria and the states which import oil to it, on top Iran as the US administration which failed in undermining the will of the Syrians hopes to achieve its schemes through the siege.

The US ambitions are failing due to the great steadfastness of the Syrian people and the inhuman measures imposed by the US will not dissuade the Syrians from their stances and their adherence to their homeland and their independent decision.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency