Sunday, April 5
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Rahi meets with World Patriarchal Maronite Foundation for Integral Development: Let us be a symbol of hope in these difficult circumstances

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, met today with members of the World Patriarchal Maronite Foundation for Integral Development [WPF], who came to offer their greetings and well wishes on Easter occasion.

In a word by Founder Salim Sfeir, he said, "The visit to this ancient edifice holds great meaning in the conscience, faith and patriotism."

He added: "The Institution's family is growing and its members are more willing and determined to be anonymous soldiers for the sacred cause of the persistence of our people in Lebanon as a guarantee for the survival of the homeland."

"We listened to the Patriarch's directives as head of this Institution, so that the second socio-economic forum to be hosted by Bkirki upcoming August will be a success, similar to the first international conference that brought together various emigrants to discuss the strengthening of the Christian presence in this country to ensure its rich diversity and humanitarian mission," Sfeir corroborated.

In turn, Patriarch al-Rahi commended the efforts exerted by the Institution and its goals "that seek to boost the presence of our peoples in this nation".

"The notion of this Institution was prophetic and no one knew that we would reach this level of economic and financial deterioration that we are currently witnessing, so we all have to renew our faith in our homeland, in each other and in our strength and capabilities."

"It is certain that we will not be able to solve all problems at hand, but it is enough to do something, if only limited, to contribute to the steadfastness of our people and to strengthen our belonging to this homeland," al-Rahi emphasized.

"It is true that we are going through difficult times, but we have to be patient, and in this context, I thank the moral sacrifices made by the members of this Institution, and their financial and moral contributions, because you all believe in the cause of this Institution, and we also believe in these goals and principles," the Patriarch underscored.

"We have to be a symbol of hope especially under these difficult economic circumstances, where they are speaking of austerity while the people are already suffering of hunger and deprivation...Yet, all of this must be turned to good. Let us look forward with hope to the recent developments, namely the plan to address the electricity crisis and the commencement of working on the budget to launch the reforms required," said al-Rahi.

Source: National News Agency