Thursday, April 9
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Kanaan from Beit Shabab: For closing money waste channels through a reform budget, sound financial accounts

"Change and Reform" Parliamentary Bloc Secretary, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, called Sunday for closing the channels of money waste through endorsing a budget that includes the necessary reforms and sound financial accounts.

"A reform budget and sound financial accounts will allow us to rectify our financial status, closing all channels of waste expenditure and turning the state into electoral machines," he said.

Kanaan vowed that reform would be achieved since it is in the interest of the state and all the Lebanese.

"The mandate of President Michel Aoun is one of justice...and from this perspective, we support righteousness without targeting any innocent side while providing no cover for the guilty," he assured in response to a question regarding the battle against corruption.

Kanaan's words came during his meeting with partisans at the "Free Patriotic Movement" branch in the town of Beit Shabab in the Metn region today.

Earlier in the morning, the MP attended a Mass service in the "Church of Saint Anthony the Great" presided over by Father Badih Hajj, who raised prayers in his religious sermon for the Lord's success and blessing of the current presidential mandate and for Lebanon to witness a flourishing and bright future, overcoming all its crises.

Kanaan, in turn, expressed his well-wishes on the Easter occasion, saying: "We are going through difficult conditions and the region is on the top of a volcano...yet, with the wisdom of the President of the Republic and the understandings we have deeply-rooted and our belief in the country, we can spare the nation many turbulences."

"We are the most stable country in the region and our army is strong and we seek to be up to the responsibility of improving the economy and avoiding the financial problems, so as to prevent young citizens from migrating and so that the Lebanese would feel the state's concern and believe in their future," Kanaan reassured.

"Together we win, and divided we lose!" he underscored.

Source: National News Agency