Thursday, April 2
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The Foreign Ministry calls on Diplomatic Missions to respect international norms and demands that the US Embassy refrain from harming Iraq’s relations with countries

BAGHDAD The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the Missions operating in Iraq to respect the rules and international norms in their actions and to take into account in the performance of their duties the constitution of Iraq and its relations with neighboring countries, which harms Iraq's relations with neighboring countries and friendly countries.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that "the Publishing of a Diplomatic Mission in Iraq to leaflets targeting one of Iraq's neighboring countries, and its religious or political symbols are contrary to the principles of the Iraqi constitution, and Iraqi foreign policy, especially the principles of good neighborliness, non-interference in the internal affairs of all countries ".

It added that "what the US Embassy in Baghdad did through the publications is contrary to the nature of its work in the host country in accordance with the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, and relevant international norms."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency