Wednesday, April 8
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Hassan: Security situation maintained

Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Rayya El Hassan, stressed during an interview with AL-Arabiya Television, that "the security situation in Lebanon is maintained, as is the case at the airport."

The Minister also reassured a number of Ambassadors that the security situation in Lebanon "is better than that of other countries."

Commenting on the illegal crossings between Lebanon and Syria, the Minister stressed the importance of "strengthening the legitimate and illegal border crossings to combat any infiltration of those who enter surreptitiously into Lebanon," referring to the reinforcements taken by the Lebanese army and other security forces that have eliminated the so-called sleeping terrorist cells.

As for the congestion at Beirut Airport, Hassan said that "congestion is exceptional because of the expansion of some airport sites to facilitate the procedures of public security and internal security through the examination and stamping of passports."

The Interior Minister concluded that "resentment in Lebanon is more economic and social than political, because we are facing a major economic crisis."

Source: National News Agency