Saturday, April 4
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Rahi chairs Maronite Patriarchs’ monthly meeting in Bkirki

The Maronite Bishops Council, on Wednesday, stepped up calls for "speeding up the 2019 state budget discussions so that it will be ratified [by the House of Parliament] soon."

"The 2019 draft budget lacks a comprehensive economic and social policy, as well as a plan to ensure economic growth and reduce the deficit," the Bishops said in a statement issued following their monthly meeting in Bkirki today.

In this context, the Bishops affirmed that "the Lebanese have the right to belong to a state of salvation that preserves their dignity and preserves their freedom."

Commenting on the Syrian refugees' issue, the Bishops stressed "the need for them to return to their homeland, because they are losing their identity and have become a heavy burden on Lebanon at all levels."

Finally, the Maronite Bishops congratulated all Lebanese workers on International Labor Day.

Source: National News Agency