Sunday, April 5
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Aoun to Rotary delegation: Holding conferences in Lebanon testimony of stability

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, on Thursday deemed the convening of regional and international conferences in Lebanon, including yesterday's Rotary International Conference, which included more than 700 people from eight countries, was an outright testimony of stability in Lebanon.

"This achievement has been made thanks to the endeavors of the Lebanese themselves, Aoun said.

"The existence of Lebanon as a multi-religious and multicultural country is due to the people's belief in the principles of coexistence, which include respect for the other's beliefs and freedom, as well as respect for the right to be different," Aoun maintained.

The President's words came before a delegation from Rotary International, headed by Secretary-General, John Hewko, who briefed him on "the sixth conference of the Rotary Clubs, which includes nine countries belonging to the Mediterranean region and the Caucasus."

Separately, President Aoun met with head of the Lebanese Democratic Party, MP Talal Arslan, and Minister of Displaced, Saleh Al-Gharib, with whom he broached the general situation in the country, and the current political developments. Also, President Aoun discussed similar issues with the Secretary General of Tashnag Party, MP Agop Pakradounian.

Source: National News Network