Saturday, March 28
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The PMF begin Clearing More Than 230 km On The Iraqi-Syrian Border

BAGHDAD The Anbar Operations Command of the Popular Mobilization launched a large-scale military operation on Thursday to inspect the border strip in parallel with the Syrian army's operations on the other side of the border, targeting a distance of 232 km from Al-Qaim city to al-Walid district.

The commander of the operations, Qasim Mosleh said "Our forces launched at dawn today a large-scale military operation to clear the border with the participation of brigades 13, 17, 18 and 19 in the popular mobilization, the Directorate of Armored Corps, Communications and Anti-Explosive,"

He added, "Our forces will enter from three main axes and deploy on the border and are ready to prevent any danger or emergency if terrorists take their routes towards the Iraqi border after the Syrian army operation,".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency