Sunday, March 29
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AlShamsi in a seminar on ‘Human Fraternity Document’: Transition to a promising future can only be achieved by science and knowledge

United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi, patronized Saturday a dialogue roundtable on the "Document of Human Fraternity" that was recently signed in Abu Dhabi by Pope Francis, the Pope of the Catholic Church, and Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, Grand Imam Ahmed Al Tayeb, which was held at the Two Sacred Hearts School in Bauchrieh, within the "Year of Tolerance" initiatives.

In his word at the seminar, Al-Shamsi said: "If we look for the meaning of tolerance, we find that it is one of the highest purposes of humanity. When a person can renounce his tendency to take revenge on his fellow man and can forgive, he has reached the highest level of humane feelings."

"The Emirati leadership accords great importance to coexistence and works to spread it at the global community level, and this was translated when Abu Dhabi received Pope Francis, Pope of the Catholic Church, and Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, the Grand Imam, Ahmed Al-Tayeb, in a historic meeting that resulted in the Human Fraternity Document," he added.

"I invite you to read this document and become aware of its deep meanings and human values, for they contain important foundations for your life and your future," Al-Shamsi went on,

addressing the young students.

"The model of co-existence exists in Lebanon by virtue of the composition of this good people and therefore, you are responsible for maintaining this model," he corroborated.

The UAE diplomat stressed that "the transition to a promising future can only be achieved by science and knowledge," calling on the youth "to persevere in the process of striving to acquire knowledge and science to create a hopeful future."

"Science is a prelude to a decent living, and educated communities are the most capable of making peace that is based on a culture of tolerance," Al-Shamsi concluded.

Source: National News Agency