Tuesday, March 31
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Othman representing Hassan: Our goal is to advance the Internal Security towards the work of a distinctive police officer

- Internal Security Forces Director General, Major General Imad Othman, confirmed Saturday that the goal of his Institution is to "advance the work of Internal Security to the level of a role model police officer...and achieve the objectives set for combating terrorism and crime and consolidating the concept of community policing, in light of respecting human rights under the law."

"Our insistence on serious work and our diligent daily follow-up, with the help of the friendly countries of our Institution, is the best way to promote the Internal Security Forces for the better," he added.

Othman's words came as he represented Interior and Municipalities Minister, Rayya al-Hassan, at the cornerstone laying ceremony for the construction of two buildings at the Institute of Internal Security Forces in Lebanon "INL", in the presence of US Ambassador Elizabeth Richard and prominent security and diplomatic figures.

"In parallel with this development, through which we seek to ensure the continuity of the strength and effectiveness of our Institution entrusted with lives, property, security and safety of our citizens, we also have the duty to preserve the elements of this long-lasting and ancient Institution...and to strive to provide their lively requirements for a decent life in light of the prevailing dire financial conditions in the country," Othman went on.

"The days have proven that partnership and cooperation are the basis for the successful achievement of the desired objectives at various levels, resulting from effective and permanent coordination with the international security agencies, especially in the exchange of information, experience and training," the Director General maintained.

"We have demonstrated a remarkable performance in security and police work in various sectors of the Internal Security Forces, and everyone has seen the achievements of the Information Division, particularly in the area of combating crime, terrorism and corruption by adopting high-quality methods and techniques in the course of action," he added.

Addressing the US Ambassador, Othman said: "Our frequent meetings with your Excellency and those concerned at the US Embassy, particularly the INL Office, either to announce a project or launch another...alongside other cooperation in the development of the ISF, signify that the United States of America represented by its Embassy and offices attach special attention to supporting the law enforcement agencies in Lebanon, led by ISF through the provision of assistance, donations and training to render its work at a high level of professionalism."

"Our presence here at the Institute of Internal Security Forces today is to lay together the cornerstone for two building structures dedicated for training as part of the EP2 Project," stated Othman, thanking the United States Embassy for its continued valuable support and contributions.

In turn, Ambassador Richard said that her country is honored to be part of ISF's strategic plan.

"Today we are celebrating another step in our partnership to professionalize the Internal Security services and their forces here in Lebanon. The ISF has a strategic plan, an excellent plan, which we reviewed closely with you and your officers before the Rome Conference. We found it to be a great road map for what will follow as you build these forces," Richard added, addressing Othman.

"What we are doing today is to help you expand the great successes we have seen here in Beirut to the entire country. More than 7,500 gendarmes and municipal police from across the country will be able to live, work and train here," the US Ambassador disclosed.

"This is a commitment we have made in Rome II and I am very happy to be able to fulfill it," she went on, stressing that "modern security forces do not thrive and grow on equipment, but flourish and prosper through their human capital...based on leadership, training, discipline and dedication."

"This is what builds the security forces of the future and that is what we are helping to build today," Richard underlined.

Source: National News Agency