Saturday, March 28
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Military Intelligence arrested a security element of Daesh and seized explosives in Ramadi

The Directorate of Military Intelligence announced the arrest of a security element for Daesh and the seizure of explosive devices in Ramadi.

A statement issued by the Directorate said that the detachments of the Directorate of Military Intelligence arrested one of the terrorists who were working as security elements for Daesh in the district of Fallujah contributed to the delivery of information on the movements of its military sectors and collaborators during the battles of liberation, who is wanted to the judiciary under a warrant of arrest under article 4 of terrorism.

The statement added that "the detachments of the Directorate of Military Intelligence found a cache of improvised explosive devices containing 9 sophisticated explosive devices in Al-Harijah area in the Tharthar valley in Al-Anbar, which was left behind by the terrorist. The division's detachments promised to destroy it at the site of destruction.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency