Tuesday, March 31
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Shehayeb inaugurates Russian University Graduates Forum: We called for expanding grants’ framework

Zaspikin: We aim to develop and modernize the system of educating foreign students

NNA - Higher Education Minister, Akram Shehayeb, patronized Saturday the Regional Forum of Soviet and Russian Universities' Alumni Associations at the Russian Cultural Center in Beirut, in the presence of Russian Ambassador Alexander Zaspkin.

In his opening word, Shehayeb considered that the holding of the regional forum at this time embodies several meanings and symbols. He highlighted herein the Russian Federation's "central role in the policy of the region" and its "close relations with Lebanon and all the major countries, including the countries that are witnessing wars and conflicts, especially Syria, because it [Russia] plays a significant role in ensuring stability and working on reconstruction."

"Additionally, the Russian university and educational presence in Lebanon through thousands of graduates during the Soviet and Federal era has become an influential presence in all political, economic, cultural, academic, social and developmental domains; thus foreseeing a prominent future for Russia's graduates from Lebanon and the region, rendering them as new ambassadors and businessmen in Lebanon and Russia," he maintained.

"We called for expanding the framework of university scholarships to become broader and more comprehensive," disclosed Shehayeb.

"We hope that this forum will boost our request to increase the number of those benefiting from Russia's scientific potential...such pioneering scientific and administrative capacities who will contribute to the economy's revival and the region's reconstruction," he corroborated.

In turn, Ambassador Zaspkin said that his country "is currently seeking to develop and modernize the system of education of foreign students, and to strengthen cooperation between universities and ensure a continuous connection between graduates with their universities."

"We are fully aware that the level of relations between our countries in the future is linked to dealing in the fields of science, technology and culture, so developing this connection and communication is a long-term strategic mission," he underscored.

Source: National News Agency