Saturday, April 4
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Aoudeh mourns Sfeir: He was the solid rock that all resorted to in times of adversity

Beirut Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Archbishop Elias Aoudeh mourned in a statement Sunday the sad loss of Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, saying, "With the passing away of Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir, Lebanon has lost a wise leader and a historical figure that deeply impacted Lebanon's contemporary history."

"He was a Lebanese patriot solid in his positions, and firm in his calmness...He feared no one but the Lord, and God inspired him in all his words and deeds," Aoudeh added.

"He was a unique patriarch, not only of the Maronites, but of Christ first, and of Lebanon...He held on to his principles in the most difficult times and darkest circumstances, defending Lebanon, its freedom, its unity and its independence despite all dangers and threats," the Archbishop went on.

"Patriarch Sfeir was a national figure in an era scarce of great leaders. He was the solid rock that everyone resorted to in times of hardship. He will remain immortal in the history of Lebanon and in the hearts and minds of all his contemporaries. He carried Lebanon in his heart, mind and conscience, and perhaps he is now praying for it," Archbishop Aoudeh concluded, asking the Lord Almighty to rest his soul in peace.

Source: National News Agency