Sunday, April 5
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Geagea mourns Sfeir: LF lost a sacred entity of its struggle heritage, and I personally lost a second father

Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, mourned Sunday the loss of Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, considering that "with his passing away, the Lebanese Forces Party has lost a sacred entity of its struggle heritage," adding, "I personally lost a second father who accompanied me with prayer."

In a press conference held this evening in Me'erab in wake of the sad news, Geagea paid tribute to the late Patriarch saying, "Greetings to that who will remain beating in our hearts, present in our consciousness, firm in our conscience, and alive in our memory..."

"He was the best patron of the parish when they tried to disperse it, and the compassionate sanctuary of Strida Geagea and the young men who were apprehended during the time of arrest and repression...He insisted on bringing the Lebanese Forces into the Qornet Chehwan gathering at a time when the guardianship authority was working day and night to alienate the Party and erase its impact and presence completely from the political arena," Geagea added.

"Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir left a rare example of steadfastness and constant principles. He did not settle and did not bargain, and he knew how to respond to anyone who tried to drag him to a place contrary to his will," the LF Chief went on.

"Our dear Patriarch, the treasure of our struggle, who so ever was our encourager and comforter and an example to our comrades and our resistance men...Your path in some aspects resembles the march of the Lebanese Forces: steadfastness in principles, resistance to pressure, patience over injustice, and rejection of truth falsification...You leave us today to be besides the Father while our days are still miserable as you described them...You leave us while Lebanon, which you desired to be a homeland of freedom, justice and humanity, still suffers and struggles," Geagea mournfully added.

"With you a century is folded...Your life was of the great Lebanon era whose borders were set by Patriarch Elias Hoayek and whose independence was blessed by Patriarch Antoun Arida, and you were the spearhead of its second independence with the historic appeal of September 2000 and the reconciliation of the Mountain, and the patronage of the Qornet Chehwan gathering and the great contribution to the revival of the Cedar Revolution...As your were the paternal blessing on earth, you will always remain a patron and guardian whose eyes know no sleep in heaven," Geagea vowed sentimentally.

The LF Chief concluded by expressing his deepest condolences to the Maronite Church, led by His Beatitude, Patriarch Beshara Boutros al-Rahi, and all Christians and Lebanese at home and in the Diaspora, praying for the late Patriarch's soul to rest in peace.

Source: National News Agency