Tuesday, March 31
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President promises parallel workshops to boost economy after budget endorsement

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Tuesday promised a series of synchronous workshops in all the economic and productive sectors once the 2019 state budget is approved.

"After the endorsement of the budget, we will start parallel workshops in all agriculture, industrial, environmental and other sectors, in order to boost economy and restitute growth," Aoun said.

"Today, we are in the bottom; and we must all collaborate in the public and private sectors to start moving up," he stressed, hoping that the upcoming year will witness financial relief.

Aoun made these remarks during his meeting at Baabda palace with Industry Minister Wael Abu Faour and an accompanying delegation of lawmakers and industrialists.

The President indicated that the EU exports to Lebanon amount to USD 8.8 billion, while Lebanon's exports to Europe only come to USD 500 million.

Accordingly, he highlighted the necessity to opt for made-in-Lebanon products to maintain the balance of payments and slash deficit.

Separately, Aoun met with Minister of Agriculture, Hassan Lakkis, who briefed his host over the outcome of his visit to Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, where he'd been to discuss bilateral cooperation with Lebanon.

The President later received chairman of the Banque de l'Habitat (Housing Bank), Joseph Sassine.

Source: National News Agency