Saturday, April 4
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Qatari Minister of State meets Bassil: Lebanon is of great importance to Qatar

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Gebran Bassil, on Friday met with Qatari Minister of State, Hamad bin Abdul Aziz al-Kuwari, who said after the meeting that talks with Bassil mainly focused on the developing bilateral relations between Lebanon and Qatar.

"My visit to Lebanon aimed at representing the Emir of Qatar at the burial ceremony of Patriarch Sfeir, and this reflects the strong relationship between the two governments, leaderships, and peoples," al-Kuwari said.

"Lebanon is very important to both the leadership and the country of Qatar," he added.

As for the Qatari grant announced by the Emir of Qatar during the opening of the economic development summit in Beirut, al-Kuwari confirmed that Qatar had always fulfilled its promises.

Separately, Minister Bassil met with head of the Lebanese Democratic Party, MP Talal Arslan, accompanied by Minister of State for Displaced Affairs, Saleh al-Gharib.

"We discussed the overall situation in the country, the most important of which is the issue of the state budget. We believe that the government should take unconventional steps approaching this dossier," Arsaln said.

For his part, Gharib insisted that the Lebanese economy must shift to become a productive one. "If we do not, we will contribute in one way or another to postponing the problem that will come back to us next year at a greater cost," he warned.

Minister Bassil also received a delegation of the Maronite League, headed by Nematallah Abi Naser, who said: "We will have a series of meetings in view of the important issues of common concern, the most prominent of which are the right of people of Lebanese descent to acquire the nationality of their motherland."

Abi Nasser added that discussions with Bassil had also touched on the Syrian refugee presence in Lebanon, and the need to resolve this matter by all the available means "to secure their safe return to their country."

Source: National News Agency