Saturday, March 28
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Saku: The region does not bear a war and it will be catastrophic

KIRKUK The Chaldean Patriarch in Iraq and the world Cardinal Luis Rafael Saku said that the region does not bear war and will be disastrous for all, and that there should be efforts to calm and adopt civilized dialogue, especially avoiding military solutions.

During his meeting at the headquarters of the Patriarchate in Baghdad, with the US Charge d'affaires in Iraq, Joe Hood and his accompanying delegation, he stressed the importance of following up the reconstruction of destroyed cities in order to encourage the displaced people to return to their areas.

For his part, the Charge d'affaires of the Embassy pointed out the importance of what the Cardinal had put forward and that the United States was aware of that.

Regarding the reconstruction process, he said that he visited some towns in the Nineveh Plain and went on his own work in repairing the houses that were destroyed by Daesh.

The two sides stressed the importance of supporting the Iraqi army and national police and strengthening their role in enforcing the law, prestige of the state, protecting the country and fighting corruption.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency