Sunday, March 29
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General Establishment of Geology rehabilitates areas of extracting rock salt to produce over 200.000 tons per year

Damascus, General Establishment of Geology is working to extract rock salt(halite) in areas reach in this material in Tadmour(Palmyra), Aleppo, Deir Ezzor after they have been cleansed from terrorism.

The Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ministry has set an emergency plan to extract rock salt from their natural sources and rehabilitate the area of extracting rock salt in Deir Ezzor to resume production in it during the current month.

The General Establishment of Geology requested from the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade in a memorandum addressed to the Cabinet to stop importing salt after the establishment has recovered and resumed production to cover the entire domestic consumption of table salt and industrial salt , pointing out that Syria needs about 200 thousand tons of salt per year

The memorandum included extracting the rock salt in al-Mouh's natural source in Tadmour (Palmyra)and al-Jaboul's natural source in Aleppo and rehabilitating al-Tibneh area of rock salt mine in Deir Ezzor in the next few days to produce over 100,000 tons per year of table salt to raise the production capacity of salt to more than 200,000 tons , Which means exporting surplus and the final dispensation from importation.

According to the memorandum, the geological reserve amounts to 350 million tons of salt , which is a huge reserve compared to Syria's annual consumption as al-Tibneh is one of the largest mines and the purity of the saline layer is between 97% to 99.8%.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency