Monday, April 6
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Sport of sliding on rope slide in mountains witnesses turnout in Tartous countryside

Tartous, His passion for adventure and rope sliding sports encouraged Fawaz Ghannam, from Tartous countryside, to connect two mountains separated by a deep valley in the village of al-Smaihiqa in al-Qaddous city with a 300-meter long rope and providing the necessary equipment for this sport.

The idea of the project, as Ghannam mentions, flashed into his mind due to the remarkable turnout on the domestic and natural tourism the area is witnessing, pointing to the availability of geographical and natural requirements necessary to set up such a project in his village.

The project depends on the connection between two mountains separated by al-Shalqa deep valley. The theoretical distance between the two mountains is 265 meters, but the real length of the cable is 300 meters, the starting point is 594 meters high and the end point is 576 meters, while the valley floor is about 460 meters.

Since the start of the project, many young men and women from Tartous and its visitors have tried this experience, which is still attracting many adventure lovers, Ghannam said, adding that he is seeking to a license for his sports tourist project.

The first experiment was carried out by Ghannam himself last April 26th .

The sport of sliding on the rope is classified as one of the most satisfying sport of the passion of adventure and is based on the principle of connecting the rope between two points, one higher than the other and the use of a roller and special equipment to slide on the rope between the points like flying in the air and under the influence of gravity only without the use of any energy.

This idea has been recently used, according to Ghannam, in the area for the transfer of crops between the rugged mountains.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency