Sunday, March 29
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Geagea says better budget could’ve been approved, calls for full investigation into Arsal incident

Lebanese Forces Party Leader, Samir Geagea, on Monday deplored in a press conference the killing of Lebanese citizen, Hussien al-Hujairi, in Arsal outskirts.

Al-Hujairi was accompanied by several people during a hunting trip in Arsal when elements of the Syrian army killed him and kidnapped those who were with him, yet the reaction of the Lebanese authorities was not adequate at all, Geagea said.

Consequently, Geagea urged President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri to call for a full investigation into the aforementioned incident and pushed the security apparatuses to conduct a thorough investigation, as well as summon the Syrian ambassador to Lebanon.

Touching on the displaced dossier, Geagea couldn't help but wonder how LBP 40 billion were added to the budget the last minute.

Our objection is against the method of proposal, he clarified, demanding a clear timetable and plan on how this amount will be spent in support of the displaced.

As for the freshly approved budget, Geagea said: We are very happy that the state budget has been approved. Today's budget is better than the traditional ones, but it could have been better.

Source: National News Agency