Monday, October 21
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Aoun congratulates ISF on its 158 anniversary

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, saluted the Internal Security Forces (ISF) on its 158th foundation anniversary which falls tomorrow, lauding ISF officers' immense sacrifices and key role in maintaining the country's security.

Aoun eulogized the ISF fallen martyrs who lost their lives while carrying out their military duties on the eve of Eid El-Fitr, addressing ISF members by saying: "Their sacrifice alongside the army is an incentive to insist that Lebanon rejects terrorism in all its forms...and does not tolerate those who attack the sovereignty of the state and its security institutions, or target innocent people and stability in the country."

President Aoun also stressed the importance of the interdependence between the work of the security services and the judiciary, emphasizing that "the independence of the judiciary is not only achieved in texts, but through the cooperation of judges with each other."

Source: National News Agency

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