Friday, September 20
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Russian and Syrian coordination bodies: Washington feeds terrorist presence in Syria

Damascus, Syrian and Russian Coordination bodies on the return of Syrian Refugees affirmed that Washington and its allies are paving the way for feeding the terrorist groups' presence in Syria and hindering the Syrian-Russian efforts for the return of refugees.

Due to the Syrian-Russian joint efforts, the rate of the return of Syrian displaced to their home has increased during the last month, but those efforts collide with obstructions created by the US and its allies in the region, among them the unilateral coercive measures which hinder the reach of medicine to the Syrian people, A statement by the two bodies said following a meeting held at the Local Administration HQ through satellite video.

The statement added that the US illegitimate presence in Syria hinders efforts to end al-Rukban and al-Houl camps and escalates the suffering of people there.

It affirmed that the best solution to the suffering of citizens in the two camps is to end the US occupation which supports the terrorist organizations.

Thanks to the Syrian-Russian efforts, 13500 citizens were evacuated from al-Rukban camp, the statement added.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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