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Zakka from Baabda: Initiative for my release was entirely ‘Born in Lebanon’

Freed Lebanese citizen, Nizar Zakka, said in the wake of his meeting with President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, at Baabda palace that the initiative for his release was entirely "born in Lebanon", deeming it as purely national initiative.

"The whole initiative was 'born in Lebanon' and ends today in Lebanon," Zakka said, adding that it was a national initiative whose outcome were positive.

"I am addressing you for the first time from the House of the Lebanese people under the sun of freedom that I have longed for. I spent three years in detention away from my family and friends. You were my real support and from you I derived my strength, "he said.

"I remain a resilient patriotic... Nothing has changed in me except becoming fiercer in terms of freedom of expression and access to the internet," he corroborated.

Zakka refrained from dwelling into the details of abduction, detention, false charges and the course of the trial.

Source: National News Agency