Wednesday, November 20
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Mwasalat Launches New Route Coinciding with Khareef Season

Muscat--- Oman National Transport Company

Mwasalat announced the details of the promotion plan for Salalah

Tourism Festival 2019. The plan included operating a new route No.

(21) for the first time (Salalah Airport �Ittin Plain � City Center),

introducing route No. (20) (Salalah Airport � City Centre � Salalah Port)

to coincide with Khareef season. Further, trips of the line (Muscat �

Salalah) has increased, in addition to providing special prices and

offers for families and groups from Friday, 21 June to 22 August 2019.

Announcement of this plan comes in parallel with the interest of

"Mwasalat" to spur on tourism and economic movement of the

Sultanate by seeking to instill the use of public transport culture, which

is considered one of the most prominent features of the progress of

modern cities because of its many benefits, such as preserving the

beauty of the environment and saving time and effort for visitors.

The new route will be as follows; starting point form Salalah

Airport � Ittin Plain Roundabout � Salalah Municipality Recreation

Centre Park 1 - Salalah Municipality Recreation Centre Park 2 � Al

Nama Street - Sultan Qaboos Hospital � Salalah West �Directorate

General for Housing � Al Ittihad Sports Club � Sultan Qaboos Mosque

Source: Oman News Agency

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