Wednesday, June 3
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Choucair says it is unacceptable for any town in Lebanon not to have phone and internet services

Tele-Communications Minister Mohammed Choucair stressed Saturday that it is unacceptable to have any town in Lebanon lacking phone and internet services.

Speaking before a delegation from the town of al-Qamamin in the district of al-Dinnieh who came to raise their demands in terms mobile and land line services, Choucair assured them of according the matter great importance.

In this context, he immediately contacted Ogero's Director-General Emad Kreidieh, who promised to work on meeting their demands by establishing an LTE station in the aforementioned town within two months.

Choucair stressed that telecommunications and internet services "are a right for all of Lebanon, and this cannot be linked to economic feasibility," deeming this issue as "top priority."

The delegation, in turn, thanked Choucair for his support and for listening closely to their demands, and presented him with an honorary shield as a token of appreciation.

Source: National News Agency