Wednesday, June 3
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Spanish Monarch bestows upon Makhzoumi a high ranking citation, Spanish Ambassador honors him in Beirut

In an issued statement Saturday by National Dialogue Party Chief Fouad Makhzoumi's Press Office, it indicated that Spanish Ambassador to Lebanon, Jose Maria Ferre de la Pena, held a ceremony at the Embassy headquarters in Beirut on the occasion of Spanish King Philippe VI's awarding of the "Civil Order of Merit" to MP Makhzoumi in recognition of the achievements of the "Future Pipe Industries Company" in Spain, and in dedication to the continuity of cooperation through future projects.

The statement indicated that the ceremony was attended, alongside the Spanish Ambassador and MP Makhzoumi and his family, by Saudi Ambassador Waleed Al-Bukhari, Italian Ambassador Massimo Marotti, German Ambassador Jorg Berglin, Papal Ambassador Joseph Spiteri, Algerian Ambassador Ahmed Bouziane, Moroccan Ambassador Mohamed Karin, Omani Ambassador Badr bin Mohammed bin Badr Al-Mundhiri, Deputy Consul General of Mauritius Salem Beydoun, former Lebanese Ambassador to the United Nations Jean Tamer, former President of the Economic and Social Council Roger Nasnas, as well as a number of deputies and prominent political, social and economic figures and businessmen.

The statement also disclosed that in his delivered speech marking the occasion, the Spanish Ambassador praised MP Makhzoumi as a politician and a deputy in the Lebanese Parliament, and as a global businessman and a humanitarian figure. He commended his achievements at all levels in Lebanon and the various countries where his factories are located, especially the Future Pipes Industry Company, in addition to his engineering offices in Madrid and Barcelona.

In turn, Makhzoumi expressed his sincere gratitude to His Majesty for his highly appreciated token in granting him this honorary citation, and thanked the Spanish Ambassador for hosting and honoring him and the attendees and participants on this happy occasion.

Makhzoumi stressed that "this Euro-Mediterranean country [Spain] has always had privileged relations with Lebanon on all political, economic and cultural levels," highlighting the fact that "Spain's participation in the UNIFIL peacekeeping forces in South Lebanon has not only strengthened the strong relationship between both countries, but also the security and stability of our dear South. "

He concluded by counting on the support of Spain and the European Union countries in the Syrian displacement issue, in wake of its economic and social consequences on the country, hoping to activate the trade balance to the benefit of both countries and in support of Lebanon which continues to appreciate Spain's presence by its side in rightful causes.

Source: National News Agency