Wednesday, June 3
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Lebanon bids Walid Awad farewell, President Aoun bestows upon him ‘Silver Medal of Merit’

Lebanon and the Press officially bid farewell on Sunday the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of "Afkar Magazine", Walid Awad, who passed away yesterday culminating a lifetime spent in the service of the liberal word and the Lebanese media.

President of the Republic Michel Aoun, represented by State Minister for Information Technology Adel Afiouni, bestowed upon the late Awad the Lebanese Silver Medal of Merit, in recognition of his national achievements and distinguished role in the fields of press and media.

Addressing a crowd of political officials, prominent figures of the press and media world and family members and supporters, Afiouni eulogized the late Awad, saying: "In the absence of the late Walid Awad, the free word loses its knights and the Lebanese and Arab press lose a prominent pillar, and Lebanon loses a strong defender of its sovereignty, independence, dignity and individuality."

"Walid Awad, who believed in a homeland that occupied his heart, mind and pen, was a school of patriotism and professional excellence, from which many media figures graduated and spread out in Lebanon and the world at large carrying the valuable knowledge and expertise they gained from the late," Afiouni added.

He continued to note that "because Walid Awad was a man of struggle and free speech, he was elected by his comrades several times for the membership of the Press Syndicate, were he was the best defender of the rights of the sons of this profession...and he was the one who carried the demands of the people of Tripoli, the city of science and the oasis of coexistence which the late always called for rendering a model to be followed."

Afiouni expressed his sincerest condolences to the family of the late Awad and the people of Tripoli for their huge loss, asking the Lord Almighty to rest his soul in peace and grant his loved ones comfort and solace to endure his loss.

Source: National News Agency