Wednesday, June 3
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Rahi inaugurates a church in Jbeil’s Gherfine: To unite vision, word in rejection of settlement, naturalization masked by financial aids

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, called Sunday for a united vision and word in the face of the so-called "Deal of the Century" and in rejection of Palestinian settlement and naturalization that are disguised under financial aids.

"One of the most important duties is to preserve the national culture that characterizes Lebanon, a culture of diversity in unity which requires the consolidation of vision and word in crucial issues, both internally and regionally," said al-Rahi.

"All these fateful matters cannot be bought nor sold with money's dirt...If the intention of financial aid is sound, then let it be for the Palestinians to establish their state and refugees' return, and for the Syrians to help in ensuring their return to their land and rebuild their homes and institutions...," he added.

"It is known that what is taken forcibly can be retrieved in one day, but what is given voluntarily will be lost forever," the Patriarch underlined.

His words came during his inauguration of the Church of St. Stephen in the town of Gherfine in the district of Jbeil this morning, in a Mass service attended by MP Simon Abi Ramia representing the President of the Republic, "Strong Republic" Bloc Member MP Ziad Hawat, former Minister Fawzi Hbeish, alongside many other dignitaries from the region.

Al-Rahi urged politicians to work devotedly for the sake of preserving the nation and its values and constants, spreading the culture of social justice in daily public affairs, as well as economic and developmental growth.

He also called on them to work on ensuring a decent living for citizens by guaranteeing their basic rights, political and security stability, respect for law and its proper application by all, and opening the way for the participation of those capable and competent in managing the country's affairs.

Source: National News Agency