Sunday, January 26
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Syria’s delegation to international Parliamentary Forum calls for preventing foreign interventions

Moscow, The international Parliamentary Forum of Moscow continued its activities on Tuesday with the participation of 400 MPs and experts representing 132 states among them Syria, headed by Deputy Speaker Najdat Anzour.

During a round-table meeting, MP Ziad Sukari said that the terrorist war on Syria has targeted farms, forests and infrastructure, and this has formed a big challenge in front of efforts that had been exerted to achieve the sustainable development through connecting the food security with environmental security.

For his part, MP Mahmoud al-Hassan condemned Israeli occupation attempts to change the identity of the occupied Syrian Golan, affirming that Golan is an Arab Syrian territory.

Al-Hassan called for preventing the foreign interventions and lifting the unilateral, illegitimate blockade imposed on people.

MP Samir Hajjar pointed out that the international parliamentary cooperation should provide joint support to the legitimate right of states to defend themselves, particularly when they fight terrorism.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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