Friday, January 17
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28 new industrial facilities start production in Tartous during first half of 2019

Tartous, Head of Tartous Industry Eng. Ammar Ali said that 28 industrial facilities started production in the first half of the current year with a capital of SYP 383 million and they provided 136 job opportunities.

Ali added that 14 facilities were opened in the chemical sector, 9 facilities in the food sector and 5 facilities in the engineering sector.

Ali said that the number of the craft facilities executed during the first period reached about 52 facilities with a capital of SYP 148 million and they provided 117 job opportunities.

He indicated that most of the executed facilities were in the industrial and service domains .

He expected that qualitative large and medium industries will enter the province after finishing the execution of the industrial zones in the main areas across the province.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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