Tuesday, January 28
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Hundreds of displaced families return to al-Qusair town in Homs Province

Homs, Hundreds of displaced families on Sunday returned to their houses in al-Qusair city in Homs western countryside, which had been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army.

Speaking to SANA reporter the returnees expressed their happiness over the restoration of security and stability to al-Qusair city after eliminating terrorism thanks to sacrifices and heroism of the Syrian Arab Army.

Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi told the journalists that the turning back of the first batch of the locals to al-Qusair comes within the state's plan for the return of the locals to the areas liberated from terrorism just like many areas in Homs province such as Tadmour(Palmyra), al-Houla, and al-Waer neighborhood where the areas were provided with all basic and logistical supplies and requirements, mainly education and health, in coordination with the administrative units, and al-Qusair City Council.

Director of the General Electricity Company of Homs, Musleh al-Hassan said that 35% of the work of rehabilitating the electricity network has been achieved in the city and its countryside as the technical workshops are continuing their efforts to ensure the power supply to all the returnees.

Director of Homs Water Resource, Hasan Hmeidan said that water has not been cut off since the liberation of al-Qusair , as a total of 1100 subscribers of the water service have water, referring to the rehabilitation of the damaged network to pump the water to all the returnees.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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