Sunday, January 26
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Gemayel meets PSP delegation

MP Sami Gemayel, met Monday at the Kataeb Central House in Saifi, with a delegation of the Progressive Socialist Party, including Industry Minister Wael Abu Faour and MP Faisal Sayegh.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Abu Faour indicated that talks were "fruitful," adding that both sides have maintained that reconciliation in Mount Lebanon is unwavering.

"The conflict happening today is not sectarian; it is a national conflict between those who support national unity and those who seek to defy it," he said.

Moreover, he considered that the halt of Parliament session was "intentional," and hoped that a Cabinet session would be held soon following the efforts of Prime Minister Saad Hariri and House Speaker Nabih Berri.

For his part, MP Gemayel underlined that the reconciliation was crucial and that coexistence in Mount Lebanon was safe and sound.

Source: National News Agency

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