Sunday, January 26
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Jreissati after bloc meeting: State has final say

"He who works for his people and not for his popularity is worthy of shouldering such responsibility," said Minister of State Salim Jreissati in the wake of the Strong Lebanon bloc meeting.

"Communication between Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil and Prime Minister Saad Hariri is still ongoing, because the rule of the mighty and the biggest settlement are our responsibility together."

"The State has the final say," Jreissati assured.

"We hold on tight to the loyal proponents, so we can all stand together and resolve the economic crisis we are suffering from. The issue of the Judicial Council belongs to the Council of Ministers concerned with the referral decree which describes the bloody and dangerous security event which put the life of a minister at risk, and jeopardized security," he said.

"The so-called specificities of regions have vanished with the proportionality representation. Sectarian, regional and vocational 'reserves' are contrary to the State project," he assured on behalf of the bloc.

Source: National News Agency

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