Thursday, October 1
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Loyalty to Resistance meets in regular session, broaches overall situation

"Loyalty to Resistance" bloc on Thursday held its periodic meeting at its headquarters in Haret hreik, under the chairmanship of bloc head, MP Mohammed Raad.

The bloc discussed most recent developments in Lebanon and the broad region.

In a statement issued in the wake of the meeting, the bloc deemed the recent Qabrshmoun's incidents and their ramifications as the most evident witness to the shaky political life in the country, as a result of resorting to means other than laws to resolve differences and disparities.

"Reconciliation is an internal affair that falls at the heart of the Lebanese traditions and their daily living practices, which we always support and encourage," the bloc said in a statement.

The bloc underlined that reconciliation can be stronger and more lasting once based on legal regulations, hoping a reconciliation solution can be reached within the frames of the law, which would strengthen commitment to civil peace, the provisions of the Constitution and the national accord.

On the recent US decision against MPs Mohammed Raad and Amin Sherry as well as Hezbollah Security Official Wafiq Safa, the bloc vehemently deplored and condemned this decision as an expanded aggression on Lebanon, its people and its choices."

"This matter is unacceptable and deplorable by all sovereign and ethical standards," bloc said, stressing "this decision will not change anything in our conviction, nor in our resistance to occupation, Israeli terrorism and the American policies supporting and sponsoring them."

The bloc also thanked all those who showed solidarity with the Party, including leaders, officials, dignitaries, bodies and communities.

The Party affirmed its commitment to its national and moral constants and to its sovereign approach resisting all forms of dependence and subordination.

Source: National News Agency