Saturday, August 8
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Berri: Israel wants to create new Shebaa ‘at sea’

Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, on Friday stressed that the resistance constituted a deterrent force and was an auxiliary factor in the political battle that Lebanon was waging on the axis of establishing sovereign land and sea borders.

"The biggest threat to Palestine is the disintegration of Arabs," Berri said, adding that Syria has been and remains a strong support for the resistance.

Berri's fresh stance came during his meeting with a delegation of the Arab Organization of Young Lawyers, who are currently participating in the Arab Oil and Gas Conference in Beirut, under his auspices.

"Unfortunately, on the level of the Arab nation's issues, failure has been tremendous because we have jettisoned all our winning cards -- the question of Palestine, and oil-related issues. Our oil wealth has not been spent on sustainable human development and on building the nation's strength, neither on unity of position," Berri maintained.

"Israel wants to create new Shebaa Farms, but this time at sea. For the last five years, Lebanon has been engaged in tough negotiations and the Lebanese position remains the same. Political battles are no less dangerous than military ones with the enemy," the House Speaker explained.

"Al-Quds has been and will remain our political and national compass, yet unfortunately some have deviated from this path. Palestine and its cause, for as much as it belongs to the Palestinian people, remains the first Arab cause and the biggest threat to this issue is the division of Arabs," Berri warned, regretting that the whole matter has been transformed into an Islamic - Islamic conflict. "The deal of the century is a blow to the principle of land for peace; it is a trade deal."

Source: National News Agency