Friday, September 25
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Jabak pursues his visit to Iraq by meeting with Iraqi PM, Interior Minister

Public Health Minister, Jamil Jabak, pursued Saturday the third day of his visit to Baghdad by meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, in the presence of his accompanying delegation members, Iraqi Health Minister Alaa al-Alwan and Lebanese Ambassador to Iraq, Ali Habhab.

Talks centered on bilateral relations and cooperation in the public health domain.

The Lebanese delegation described the meeting as "fruitful and constructive" and served "to confirm what was agreed upon in the memorandum of understanding signed between Ministers Jabak and al-Alwan on Friday."

The Iraqi Prime Minister expressed his gratitude for the Lebanese people's support to their fellow Iraqis during their times of difficulty, and the initiative by Minister Jabak that lays the foundation for a practical and firm understanding.

He also valued the Lebanese expertise in various fields, especially in the medicine and health domain, promising to provide all needed facilities to promote the best of relations between Lebanon and Iraq at different levels.

Jabak, in turn, thanked the Iraqi Prime Minister for his words of appreciation, confirming that all capabilities of the Lebanese Health Ministry will be placed at the disposal of Iraqi citizens to help in their medical and hospitalization treatments. He added that medicine supplies will be extended to Iraq, along with the necessary medical kits for training and operating hospital sections.

In this context, Jabak disclosed that an execution plan will be put into action to translate the various components of the memorandum of understanding that has been initialed by both sides.

The Health Minister and his accompanying delegation then held a meeting with Iraqi Interior Minister Yassin al-Yassiri, with whom they also discussed the signed memorandum and ways of ensuring its successful implementation.

Source: National News Agency