Friday, September 25
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Mohamad Nasrallah: No Israeli war on Lebanon, cabinet will soon convene and budget endorsement will not take longer than upcoming Thursday

Member of the "Liberation and Development" Parliamentary Bloc, MP Mohamad Nasrallah, ruled out any Israeli war against Lebanon, adding that the resistance axis is advancing and growing in the region.

Speaking before several popular delegations who visited him at his West Bekaa office earlier today, Nasrallah explained that whoever follows closely on the positions of Israeli officials concerned with war in the Middle East can realize, accurately and calmly, that Israel is avoiding a war against Lebanon.

Over a near cabinet session, Nasrallah indicated that the government will convene soon and the endorsement of the 2019 annual budget will not take longer than next Thursday.

"The government exists, and there is nothing to shake its entity, despite the critical phases that the country is going through, which are on their way to a final solution through the wisdom of the Lebanese in confronting all challenges," said Nasrallah.

"The government shall remain and will play its role, and in the next few days will approve the budget of 2019, which will not be up to the dreams and aspirations of the Lebanese and bring about all peace and tranquility, but will serve to eliminate the theory of a near economic collapse," he maintained.

However, Nasrallah highlighted the need for initiating proper planning and developing a vision for promoting the national economy in industry, agriculture, tourism, services and others, and to stop improvising in the management of public affairs in the country, which is a method that has disrupted the country economically, socially and administratively.

Source: National News Agency