Monday, September 28
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Khalil: Ministers did not object to budget during Cabinet meetings

Finance Minister, Ali Hassan Khalil, on Thursday indicated that blocs and ministers did not voice objections to the budget draft during the Cabinet meetings, but said that there were reservations over several items.

"It is not true that some blocs and ministers objected to the budget in the Cabinet (...) nobody made a clear objection but there were several reservations over the articles," Khalil told the Parliament evening session.

"It is true that there is separation of power, but we are ready for the highest level of cooperation to produce a better image of a budget that comes amid a difficult juncture," he said, adding that the financial and economic indicators are highly critical.

"There are eyes that are watching and ears that are listening," he noted.

"We must be aware of the reverberations of each word or stance about the condition of the state finances Lebanon's rating," he stressed.

Source: National News Agency