Friday, September 25
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Hamas envoy confirms party’s commitment to civil peace in Lebanon

Izzat Al-Rashak, member of Hamas political bureau, arrived in Beirut on Friday after being tasked by Hamas political bureau chief, Ismael Haniyeh, to monitor the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, as well as to follow up on the ramifications of the Lebanese Ministry of Labor's most recent measures on the humanitarian and social conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, as well as on Lebanese-Palestinian relations.

"I will discuss bilateral relations and the situation in Palestinian refugee camps in light of the peaceful protests against the Ministry of Labor's measures," Al-Rashak said, stressing commitment to safeguarding Lebanon's sovereignty, security, and stability whilst "guaranteeing a decent life for Palestinian refugees pending their return home."

"Hamas is committed to civil peace in Lebanon and is keen on strengthening Lebanese - Palestinian fraternal relations for the best interest of both countries," Rashak added.

Source: National News Agency