Friday, January 24
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Kouyoumjian from Hrajel: We joined the government on basis of consensus, democracy

Minister of Social Affairs, Richard Kouyoumjian, said Sunday that the Lebanese Forces chose to be represented in the Council of Ministers on grounds of consensus and democracy, asserting that his Party caters to the needs of the Lebanese first and foremost.

Kouyoumjian's words came during his visit to Hrajel earlier today, accompanied by a member of the "Strong Republic" Bloc, MP Shawki Daccash, and number of Party officials and the Mayor of Hrajel.

The Minister stated that his Party has the right to support or vote against the annual budget within the cabinet, a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

"Our presence in the government does not prevent us from practicing our free decision...All our political positions stem from Lebanon's supreme political, economic and financial interests, and based on this came our decision to vote against the budget," he explained.

"The essence of our struggle and our policy is to keep the people in their land, and to ensure that Lebanon remains for us," Kouyoumjian emphasized. He vowed to maintain his commitment to human dignity as a member of cabinet, a state official, an LF partisan and a citizen.

Source: National News Agency

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