Monday, January 27
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Berri meets UK Defence Senior Adviser, Lassen, Norwegian ambassador

House Speaker Nabih Berri met Monday at Ain Tineh residence with UK's Defence Senior Adviser on the Middle East, Lieutenant General Sir John Lorimer, in presence of British Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Rampling.

Talks reportedly touched on the current general situation in Lebanon and the broader region.

Speaker Berri received this Monday outgoing European Union Ambassador to Lebanon, Christina Lassen, who came on a farewell visit upon the end of her mission in Lebanon.

The Speaker then met with the Ambassador of Norway to Lebanon, Lene Natasha Lind, who came on a farewell visit upon the end of her term of office in Lebanon.

This afternoon, Berri met with head of the "Arab Tawheed Party", former minister Weam Wahhab, with whom he discussed the Qabr Shmoun incident.

On emerging, Wahhab said that it was due time to find a solution to this crisis in a way that preserves the dignity of all sides and prevents the recurrence of such incidents.

On the other hand, Berri received a letter from "Hamas Movement" Politburo chief, Ismail Haniyeh, in which he expressed his appreciation for the positions of the Lebanese state in support of the Palestinian people's rights and their legitimate struggle to liberate their land and establish their independent state with the holy Quds its capital.

In his letter, Haniyeh deplored the measures taken by the Lebanese Labor Ministry regarding Palestinian workers.

Haniyeh implored the Speaker in his letter to interfere to put an end to these measures and to enable Palestinian workers to live in dignity..

Source: National News Agency

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