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Choucair, Foreign Minister of Paraguay meet: We are especially keen on developing economic relations with Latin America

Minister of Telecommunications, Mohammed Choucair, received this Wednesday the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay, Luis Alberto Castiglione, at the head of an economic delegation, with talks touching on the measures and steps required by the two governments to develop bilateral economic relations.

A Lebanese-Paraguayan economic meeting was later held, attended by Choucair, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay and the accompanying delegation, as well as a group of Lebanese economists. Conferees tackled investment and cooperation opportunities between the two countries.

Choucair noted that "the Lebanese State and the private sector attach special importance to the development of economic relations with Latin America and certainly with Paraguay, which is an integral part of said region."

"Today's meeting is an opportunity to make real progress in this regard," he said, pointing to the existence of an active Lebanese community amounting at more than 25,000 people in Paraguay, and this will contribute greatly to the development of bilateral economic relations," the minister said.

Castiglione, in turn, said the visit aimed at establishing "the best economic relations with Lebanon, particularly with the adoption of this friendly country as a platform for Paraguayan companies to expand towards Africa and the Middle East."

"The Lebanese Diaspora is efficient and well respected in my country. We have close ties with Lebanon," he said, adding that the president of Paraguay is of Lebanese origin, and so is his wife.

"For 15 years, Paraguay has established an economic model that has achieved remarkable successes that enabled it to increase economic activity, activate economic sectors, achieve high growth rates and increase its domestic output," Castiglione stressed.

He announced that the President of the Republic of Paraguay would visit Lebanon at the head of a high-level economic delegation, and that the date would be set later.

Source: National News Agency

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