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Hariri chairs two meetings on garbage issue: Roadmap including a radical solution and a temporary one

The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri chaired today at the Grand Serail a meeting dedicated to the Costa Brava landfill.

Ministers Ali Hassan Khalil, Mahmoud Komati and Fadi Jreissati, the head of the federation of Southern Suburb Municipalities Mohammad Dargham, the president of Ghobeiry's Municipality Maan Khalil, the president of Haret Hreik's Municipality Ziad Waked, the president of Burj Al Barajneh's Municipality Atef Mansour, the president of Mreijeh's Municipality Samir Abi Khalil, and the vice president of Choueifat's Municipality Chdid Hanna attended.

After the meeting, Minister Komati said: "The meeting was good and positive. The problem of the Costa Brava was discussed in depth, and most importantly, there is no political background to this problem at all. This subject is old and has been delayed and is not linked to any political issue."

He added: "The meeting underscored that all the people of the areas benefiting from the landfill of the Costa Brava, whether in Southern Mount Lebanon, Northern Mount Lebanon, Beirut, the suburb or Baabda, are our people and we do not accept that they be harmed. We should reach radical solutions to the problem of garbage in Lebanon starting with the federation of Southern Suburb Municipalities.

What happened was that the problem began to be seriously raised at the level of Lebanon and in the Ministerial Committee that met yesterday and was dedicated to the issue of solid waste treatment. This pushed toward an action to find a rapid solution to the whole waste issue in Lebanon.

The meeting was positive and the Federation of Municipalities was very responsive. They explained the problem away from politics and a roadmap was presented for a solution to the waste problem in Lebanon, including the Costa Brava. There is radical solution that requires 4 years, during which a temporary solution will be implemented. All things were discussed and the atmosphere was very good. The Federation will meet again today and announce its position. There will be follow-up meetings between Prime Minister Hariri and the concerned ministers a month later and the examined solution is for all Lebanon".

Question: Does this mean that the landfill will reopen again for the waste of Aley, Shouf and Beirut?

Komati: This demand will be discussed today by the Federation of Municipalities of the Suburb that will take the decision in the light of the promises and the road map.

Question: What are the government's recommendations in this regard?

Komati: The government asked that the landfill work for an additional time, until the solution starts.

Question: Is there a financial problem? Does the Union of Municipalities collect dues for each ton of waste entering the landfill?

Komati: Within the solution and the roadmap, a solution has been found for this issue.

Question: How much are their dues?

Komati: There are two years' benefits that have not been paid to the municipalities in respect of the Costa Brava. But there are also financial benefits for all the municipalities in Lebanon that were raised today.

Question: What is the radical solution that you are talking about?

Komati: This will be announced later. We will not talk about the details now. There is a clear intention and seriousness that when a decision is taken by the Government, the implementation will be accompanied by security protection. Refusal is no longer acceptable. All people refuse to have the landfill close to them, where do we put these wastes?

Question: Does this mean that we will hear about new landfills soon?

Komati: We said that any radical solution needs 4 years, and therefore we need a temporary solution. If we start with the radical solution, we will have no temporary solution except for sanitary landfills, to reach the radical solution.

On the other hand, Hariri chaired a meeting attended by Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab, Environment Minister Fadi Jreissati and MPs Edgar Maalouf, Elias Hankash, Sami Gemayel, Fadi Abillama and Hagop Pakradounian.

After the meeting, Jreissati said: "As it became known, the issue of garbage is considered a major national crisis that no one can ignore, and the government is dealing with it seriously. I can say that the meetings held to discuss this issue are positive. There is an open dialogue and each team is expressing its concerns. As a government, we have the opportunity to present all the plans that we work on as environment ministry or as government."

He added: "The meeting of Metn deputies with Prime Minister Hariri today was part of the positive and open dialogue, and we all have all responsibility to work to reach a solution. We agreed to hold another meeting next week to take the final decision on this subject, and the debate ended today in a positive way, although we frankly did not reach a result, but the dialogue is very positive and Prime Minister Hariri is committed to continue the discussion next week."

Question: Will there be an expansion of the Burj Hammoud landfill?

Jreissati: The decision will be taken next week.

Question: Are you waiting for a political agreement?

Jreaissati: Rather a technical agreement.

Source: National News Agency

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