Tuesday, August 4
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Syria and Russia: Solution to crisis in Syria will be through eliminating terrorism and return of the displaced

Damascus, Syrian, Russian Joint Coordination committees on the Return of Syrian displaced affirmed that the only solution to the crisis in Syria is to eliminate remnants of international terrorism and withdrawing the foreign troops which are present illegitimately in the country.

Washington and its allies still put obstacles in front of the return of Syrian refugees, who left the country because of terrorism, to their home from neighboring countries of Syria, the two committees said in a statement following a periodical meeting at Local Administration Ministry.

The statement stressed that the illegitimate presence of US troops on Syrian territories is the main reason behind instability of attitude in the regions it occupies. It welcomed the efforts exerted to put a plan, in cooperation with the Syrian Arab red Crescent representatives, to evacuate the displaced at al-Rukban camp.

The statement added that the number of displaced who return through the Syrian-Jordanian borders is continuously increasing, and the increasing number of those who return from Lebanon indicate effectiveness of procedures taken by the Syrian state to consolidate safe life in the country.

The two committees called on the international community to lift the western unilateral measures imposed on Syria which hinder the delivery of humanitarian aid to people in need.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency